How to allocate enough RAM for PTEditor

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How to allocate enough RAM for PTEditor

Because I only have a german version of Windows, I use german terms to describe. I tried to translate to english, please edit when wrong and replace grafics.

Go to: Start / Einstellungen / Systemsteuerung / Ordneroptionen (Start / Settings / Systemcontrol / Folderoptions)

Choose the tab "Dateitypen" and push key j

This should then look like this:

Pte tutorial 009.jpg

When JAR Executable Jar File is blue highlighted, go to the bottom of this window and push the button Erweitert (expand / more ?)

The opening window here:

Pte tutorial 010.jpg

When open is blue highlighted, push Bearbeiten (edit?)

The new window:

Pte tutorial 011.jpg

Under Anwendung f�r diesen Vorgang (Tool for this ...) is the following line:

"C:\Programme\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\bin\javaw.exe" -Xmx512m -jar "%1" %*

In this example, I give PTEditor 512 mb RAM to use. You can copy and paste this line and modify the number of RAM.

Clicking twice OK.

That's it!