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This is the work in progress for the Google Summer of Code application.


  • application as mentoring organization 5-mar-2007 - 12-mar-2007
  • fill in the application
  • [1]


discussions at


feel free to work on the application text. every contribution / idea is welcome.

Project Ideas

feel free to add / specify the projects ideas.


  • join the mailing list at
  • read the projects ideas.
  • take ownership of one of them. Contact the mentioned mentor or the overall list if the mentor is not fixed.
  • refine the idea, add detail, describe what you intend to do and how.
  • on the idea page add a short bio, motivate why you are interested in taking up that particular idea, your relationship to panorama making in general and to hugin in particular.


  • join the mailing list at
  • read the projects ideas.
  • take mentorship of at least one of them.
  • ideally we want two mentors per project. get in touch with the other mentor and with the student.
  • if there are no other mentors or student, help moving forward the recruiting effort.
  • please write below a very short bio, what qualifies you to be a mentor, what is your current day job is as well your role in the panorama community, particularly development. Bio will be used as part of the application document.


Steering Committee

We have a steering committee of experienced industry and community leaders to advise the Mentors and Students.

Community Backing

This organization is supported and endorsed by these people and organizations.