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This is the work in progress for the Google Summer of Code application.


  • application as mentoring organization 5-mar-2007 - 12-mar-2007
  • fill in the application


discussions at


feel free to work on the application text. every contribution / idea is welcome.

Project Ideas

feel free to add / specify the projects ideas.


  • join the mailing list at
  • read the projects ideas.
  • take ownership of one of them. Contact the mentioned mentor or the overall list if the mentor is not fixed.
  • refine the idea, add detail, describe what you intend to do and how.
  • on the idea page add a short bio, motivate why you are interested in taking up that particular idea, your relationship to panorama making in general and to hugin in particular.


  • join the mailing list at
  • read the projects ideas.
  • take mentorship of at least one of them.
  • ideally we want two mentors per project. get in touch with the other mentor and with the student.
  • if there are no other mentors or student, help moving forward the recruiting effort.
  • please write below a very short bio, what qualifies you to be a mentor, what is your current day job is as well your role in the panorama community, particularly development. Bio will be used as part of the application document.


Steering Committee

Who should we invite to the organization/steering committee? what will be their role?

  • project leaders of hugin / panotools / tlalli
  • community leaders (NG / Verein / WorldWidePanorama / IVRPA)
  • academics

goal: broad and relevant support.

role: steer the work of the mentors. shape the projects. make sure the mentors are there for the students. solve interpersonal issues (organizers-mentors-students). give direction.

Invite text draft

Dear ###NAME###

We are setting up an organization to attract Google's sponsoring within its Summer of Code initiative. We hope to obtain sponsoring of projects intended to improve different areas of Open Source panorama creation software. Read more about Google's SoC at ###LINK###

For such projects to be successful they need expert guidance. This is why within that organization we have planned a steering committee. We have thought of you because of your experience, contribution and reputation in the panorama photography world, particularly ###INSERT SPECIFIC REASON HERE###. We believe you could contribute to the steering committee and help guide the projects, if incepted and sponsored by Google, to a successful end, and we hereby invite you to become a member of our steering committee.

The steering committee will hopefully steer a team of mentors. Their number will depend on the number of individual sub-projects that we can get sponsored. Pablo d'Angelo (maker of hugin, the most advanced Open Source stitching software) has initiated a list of potential sub-project. He will also mentor at least one student. The requirements of SoC is to have at least a backup mentor and an administrator. The administrator will liaise between Google and the project. Moreover we forsee within our organization the administrator to liaise between the steering committee, the project and the students. We are working on staffing the team, working out the details of the sub-projects to submit them to Google's program and looking out for qualified students for these internships.

We invite your input from this early stage because we believe that you have relevant expertise and knowledge. Whether it's project ideas, contacts or potential students, we value all input you can provide us.

Our first deadline is the week of march 5-12. It is during that week that Google will accept application from mentoring organizations, and it is by then that we need to have the organization set up. If you accept our invitation, please let us know asap so that we can include you in the organization's description. For this we would also need a short bio.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact ###WHO?###

We hope that you have benefited in the past from panorama related Open Source code such as the panotools and hugin and that your contribution will help us provide you with even better software in the future.

Kind Regards