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(QTVR for Powerpoint tutorial)
(QTVR for Powerpoint tutorial)
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Since [[Quicktime|QuickTime]] 7 the Windows version includes a [[wikipedia:ActiveX|ActiveX]] control
Since [[Quicktime|QuickTime]] 7 the Windows version includes a [[wikipedia:ActiveX|ActiveX]] control

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Since QuickTime 7 the Windows version includes a ActiveX control which enables the direct usage of QTVR within almost every Microsoft Office product including Powerpoint. The following instructions can be used in a similar way for other Microsoft Office products as well.

Show the Control Toolbox
First you have to enable the Control Toolbox. Go to the menu and select View - Toolbars - Control Toolbox
Select Apple QuickTime Control
Select the Apple QuickTime Control 2.0 from the More Controls Element
Draw the rectangle for the QTVR
Now you can paint the rectangle for the QTVR into your slide
Select the Properties
With a right - click onto the QuickTime Control you can open the Properties window
Change the Properties
Within the Properties page change the following values:

Sizing : 1 - qtMovieFitsControl

URL : absolute path to your QTVR in this case c:\panos\park.mov

Panorama on the slide
That's it! If you open the slide as a presentation you can see and control the panorama