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EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File Format. It allows camera, lens, exposure information, image description, copyright, etc. to be embedded in an image file.

For more detailed information, see the home page for ExifTool, especially the tables of ExifTool Tag Names and EXIF Tags.

ExifTool is free software that allows manipulation of EXIF and related data in many different kinds of files.

A caution: at [1], it is written that

 when editing camera data in Photoshop it doesn't edit EXIF fields -
 it stores any changes in XMP, which would explain why other tools
 aren't reading the EXIF properly (it's not actually there!).
 The best solution is to use ExifTool to copy your camera data
 from a source file into any files that need it... it's a very
 simple operation to batch in either EXIFUtils or ExifTool.