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CubicConverter from ClickHere Design is Mac OSX-native and offers a variety of tools for conversion, editing of cube faces, setting various QuickTimeVR viewing and compression parameters.

CubicConverter offers the following useful features:

  • Conversion of equirectangular images to Quicktime VR .mov format
  • Conversion of equirectangular images to cube face images in standard image formats
  • Conversion of cube faces or cubic QuicktimeVR .mov files to equirectangular image in standard image formats
  • Easy editing of cube faces during conversion to QuicktimeVR .mov
  • Configuration of .mov playback settings including window size, initial view, and pan/tilt/zoom minimum and maximum values
  • Configuration of .mov format settings, including image compression and tiling
  • Configuration of .mov preview track settings, including grayscale and blurred options
  • Batch conversion mode for converting multiple equirectangular images to .mov files using similar settings for each