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In recent years computers have made the work of panorama photography easier, allowing the photographer to focus on the creative work. You will need a fairly powerful [[pc_hardware|computer]] and maybe some other associated [[computing_hardware|hardware]].
#REDIRECT [[Hardware#What_type_of_computer_is_usable]]
We are lucky to live in a time when computers become more powerful and affordable every day.
'''Memory Matters'''
While a fast processor will speed up the creation of digital panoramas, memory seems to be the single most important hardware requirement.  I've stitched 6 and 8 frame panorama's together with as little as 512MB when I had a 3MPix camera, but with my new 8MPix, I can't process more that 3 images with 512MB.  Jumping up to 1GB of RAM let's me build and manipulate huge digital files.  Remember, image manipulation software nearly always stores images in memory uncompressed, so my 3MPix images (2048 x 1536) take up 24MB of RAM.  [[User:Jeff|Jeff]] 21:33, 7 Dec 2004 (EST)

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