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{{Glossary|A distortion produced by the lens itself which causes straight lines to be bent outwards.}}
'''Barrel distortion''' is the opposite of [[pincushion distortion]], it is a radial image distortion
introduced by the lens itself.
== Tools to correct barrel distortion ==
It is a common [[Lens distortion]] that can be corrected by the [[lens correction model]] of panotools.
* The original [[PTStitcher]] can be scripted to batch process images with known a, b & c parameters.  It can also be operated with one of the GUI tools such as [[PTGui]], [[PTAssembler]], [[hugin]] or [[PTMac]].
[[Image:Barrel-distortion.jpg|frame|none|A photograph showing exaggerated barrel distortion]]
* [[nona]] or [[nona_gui]] (both part of the [[hugin]] distribution) can be used identically to [[PTStitcher]].
* The Correct filter in the [[Panorama Tools Plugins]] for the [[gimp]] or [[photoshop]] uses the same a, b & c parameters as [[PTStitcher]].  Note that it doesn't know about d & e parameters and uses 'd' as an overall scaling factor instead.
* [[PTLens]] is a [[Photoshop]] plugin and a stand-alone Windows tool that uses the same a, b & c parameters and comes with a database of popular lenses.
* [[Clens]] is a command line version of [[PTLens]].
* [[Gimp wideangle plugin]] uses a different formula altogether to correct distortion.
* [[Gimp phfluuh plugin]] is another tool that corrects lens distortion using yet another formula.
* [[CamChecker]] is a tool for automatically determining lens distortion and generates a different set of parameters from everything else.
* [[zhang_undistort]] is a tool ditributed with [[hugin]] that uses [[CamChecker]] parameters to actually correct distortion.

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Barrel distortion is the opposite of pincushion distortion, it is a radial image distortion introduced by the lens itself.

It is a common Lens distortion that can be corrected by the lens correction model of panotools.

A photograph showing exaggerated barrel distortion