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align_image_stack is a command-line tool available in the development version of hugin to align overlapping himages to facilitate HDR creation.

This article is a stub.


align_image_stack [options] input files

Options: modes of operation

-p file   

Output .pto file (useful for debugging, or further refinement)"

-a prefix 

align images, output as prefix_xxxx.tif

-o output 

merge images to HDR, generate output.hdr

Options: modifiers


Verbose, print progress messages

-t num    

Remove all control points with an error higher than num pixels (default: 3)

-f HFOV   

approximate horizontal field of view of input images, use if EXIF info not complete


Optimize field of view for all images, execpt for first. Useful for aligning focus stacks with slightly different magnification

-c num    

number of control points to create between adjectant images (default: 200)


Display help.