Adding a nadir cap (mirror ball)

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I wrote a Photoshop action that produces these mirror spheres below out from
an equirectangular panorama. As you can see are three sizes available.

Mirrorball small.jpg Mirrorball big.jpg Mirrorball xxl.jpg

Small covers 5% ,Big 8% and XXL 12% of panorama height (equirectangular projection)
Below you can see the region that will be covered with the mirrorball.

Mirrorball pano.jpg

Here the action set in Photoshop:

Mirrorball action.jpg

Download the Photoshop action here: Cap.atn

Don't know how to install a Photoshop action?
Take a look at How to install actions in Photoshop

1.) Open equirectangular / psphere image in Photoshop
2.) Run desired action (small / big / xxl))
3.) Save as....
4.) Finished

Peter Nyfeler (Pitdavos)