3D Vista

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This is another wizard based, basic interface � with many options hidden behind manual settings. You can create a slideshow, video or panorama tour. The tour can be one image or many.

The software supports floor plans / maps but not a compass. Publishing options include Java, activeX, executable for CD or Email and ftp upload. When publishing, you can select �automatic� or �manual.� Manual has a lot of options, while automatic is, well, automatic. Just pick a skin and go! The program also creates the HTML files for you.

See a sample tour here: http://www.add360.com/archangels/virtual_tours/tours-vista/tour_java.htm

3D vista is a commercial package available from http://www.3dvista.com/ and some web retailers. The complete package can run over $800, but the tour builder (3D Vista Show) alone is around $300.